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Save Money and Time When You Repurchase

We’re proud to say our custom night guards are more durable than anything available over-the-counter, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Depending on how severe your grinding and/or clenching is (and how well you take of it!) you can anticipate the need to replace your night guard every six months to five years.

Save Up to 25% on Each Order

We know bruxism is a source of stress that no one asks for, and do our best to help relieve it. That’s why when you repurchase from us, you'll automatically enjoy 15% off on every order. As if that is not enough, we'll let you save 25% on any order that is over $200!
For example, if you purchase two Hard Night Guards ($129.99 x 2 = $259.98), you'll save $65! ($259.98 * 25% = $65

Quick & Simple Reordering.

Repurchasing is easy. If your first purchase was made through our website, you’ll already have an account with us. When you login again, all our products will automatically show the discounted price—just place your order. It’s as easy as that

What If I Bought Through Amazon?

If you found us through Amazon originally, don’t worry—you’re still eligible for repurchase discounts! Simply create an account on our website, log in, and you’ll have access to the discounted price!

No Secondary Impression Needed.

You don’t even have to take another impression of your teeth. Simply return the impression and teeth model that you received for your first order, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even email you a pre-paid label after you place your repurchase order on our website, so the cost of mailing is on us. If it makes your life easier, we’re happy to do it.


Got a question for us? Take a look at our handy FAQs, or drop us an email at We’ll try to get back to you within a few hours.