The Story Empowered By Our Customers

The Story Empowered By Our Customers

We didn't set out to disrupt an industry; we needed to figure out our way.

How We Got Started

How We Got Started

Inside JS Dental Lab, each advanced lab tech is crafting a cushion of precision-customized comfort for your most personal of times and spaces. They’re making what will fit JUST RIGHT bet grinding teeth and clenching jawbones while you sleep. Thanks to a good night’s sleep and refreshment, you can be ready for the new day!

JSDL’s focus is on you -- the good night’s sleep and better days that can come from the all-night relief and protection they’re making for inside your tense mouth, calming your grinding and clenching teeth!

That’s the JS Dental Lab Night Guard. It’s the lab’s masterpiece.

For you: it’s your one-of-a-kind JS Dental Lab Night Guard,

the ultimate EASE for you to sink your teeth into!

𓇼 𓇼 𓇼 𓇼 𓇼

The beginnings of the JS Dental Lab’s Night Guards, Retainers, Teeth-Brightening Product, (and more) came together as a synthesis of purpose, adventure, passion, art, and surprise!

It was 2014. Dylan and Hannah were young in their marriage and in their careers. Professionally, they were not yet making the kind of mark they had each been seeking.

During this pursuit for meaningful impact, Hannah learned that she needed to use a night guard. Faced with the usual steps and expenses, she realized that the esteemed San Francisco dental lab of her father, Mr. Jin, could make her dental guard for her more directly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Even more, Hannah knew that the lab would put their hearts into their work for her custom-lab night guard.

And so It Begins.

With that first dental guard, Hannah and Dylan realized they had come upon an extraordinary way to bring others the same high-level dental lab comfort, refreshing sleep, and brighter days. They knew that many other people would agree: traditional options are too time-consuming, demanding, and expensive to attain. With that, they worked out a direct-by-mail process, and expanded it through the online marketplace.

They’re In Business.

Satisfying each customer became their driving force. More and more five-star reviews popped onto screens, telling many stories of the positive impact of JS Dental Lab Night Guards.

In the rare case of an exception to the stellar reviews, the JSDL team would rally to make things right for the customer.

The force of Mission.

Every person and component of JS Dental Lab serves to help increase the well-being of each customer. That’s the mission that continues to propel the lab’s business and five-star ratings.

Helping you increase your well-being also drives Dylan and Hannah in the way they had each been seeking in their careers. Through JS Dental Lab, its products and serving you, they’re living up to their greatest values and passions. Their instincts have met their purpose!

It’s all About You.

While the business happened to change the night guard marketplace in a big way...that’s just been a bonus. The main point is what their products and service will mean for YOU.

Through dental lab night guards, teeth whitening trays, retainers, and new products to come, JS Dental Lab’s products are designed to bring ease and wellness to your nights, your days -- and your whole life.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

Hello, You!

Thank you for inviting us to touch your life.

You are a gift to ours.

The JS Dental Lab Family