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The Story Empowered By Our Customers

The Story Empowered By Our Customers

We didn't set out to disrupt an industry; we needed to figure out our way.

How We Got Started

How We Got Started

The beginnings of JS Dental Lab's online business model came together not as the result of a brilliant idea to disrupt an industry, but someone's desperate need to find her direction and role in life!

It was 2014. Hannah, a fashion design graduate and a new mom, felt lost.

Her previous jobs had not been fulfilling, and now as a full-time mom, she was struggling to define her priorities.

During this time of turmoil, she discovered that she needed a night guard and her dentist quoted her $500.

She immediately thought of her father who happens to have run and owned a dental lab since 1999.

Hannah later learned there were existing companies selling custom night guards online and that felt like a great opportunity to discover and actualize her entrepreneurial potentials.

The hard part was persuading her dad to get on board. After all, he knows the dental lab business, but nothing about online marketing.

Long story short, Hannah took up online courses and built an ugly online store and they were in business.

Then the 5-star reviews and stories started pouring in! It an eye-opening experience. We couldn't believe how much our customers loved these night guards.

Of course, there were occasional 1 and 2 star reviews, but we learned from them got better.

In Chinese, crisis is called “危机”. It means the coexistence of "challenge" and "opportunity". Hannah and I are thankful for those "lost years" because it was through that experience, the opportunity to serve our customers was created.

Our driving force. While JS Dental Lab happened to change the night guard marketplace in a meaningful way...that’s just been a bonus. What really empowers us are your stories and appreciations such as this one on the left.

It is your stories that gives us the power to break through short-term challenges and move forward.

For that, we are grateful. And for that, we thank you!

co-founder | JS Dental Lab

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