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Dentist quality night guards direct from our lab.


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Dental Materials From Germany and USA

  • Premium 3D Night Guard

    Our 3D night guard offers the ultimate comfort and fit and it is highly recommended for users who experience uneven bite pressure on an existing night guard or have less than perfect bite alignment.

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  • Hybrid Night Guard

    Our hybrid custom night guard uses a dual-laminate material that features a firm exterior and a soft interior. Crafted to last, the outer layer provides durability while the soft inner layer provides comfort.

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  • Extra Durable Night Guard

    If you suffer from severe bruxism, you may require a firmer, more durable custom night guard. To protect your teeth from excessive grinding and moderate clenching, we’ve designed an all hard night guard that absorbs the force of your sleep-related movement disorder.

    The 3D version of this guard is also ideal for people who suffer from TMJ and need a premium night guard to prevent grinding. For proper TMJ treatment, please consult your dentist.

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  • Durable Night Guard

    This material is not completely hard; yet not too soft. That is why we call it the semi-hard, semi-soft guard.  It is somewhat pliable and not translucent/clear like our Extra Durable and Hybrid guard.

    This night guard provides great resistance to nighttime teeth grinding as well as protection from severe clenching.

    If you have a powerful bite and prefer a softer night guard, this is the solution for you.

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  • Day Guard

    The minimal design of this guard makes it perfect for daytime use. If you grind your teeth excessively at home, at the office, or in class, this guard can help you prevent teeth complications. Made with thin, clear material, our day guard is hardly noticeable when you have it in—and doubles as a great solution for light nighttime grinding.

    *Note: While this is our closest product to a retainer, it is not intended to be used as a retainer replacement.  Please contact to inquiry about our retainer.

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  • Soft Night Guard

    For those who habitually grind their teeth during sleep, we’ve designed this custom night guard with soft, FDA-approved material.

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