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Remi Night Guard & Alternatives Compared

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by Dylan Hao |

Night guards have become increasingly sought-after as technology makes them more comfortable and affordable. It’s common to see ads for popular styles like Remi night guards filling your social media feeds.

Bruxism, characterized by teeth grinding and jaw clenching, can lead to substantial discomfort and long-term damage to a person’s oral health. Night guards like Remi’s are data-driven to prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching, saving the wearer from bruxing damage.

You may be tempted to skip Remi and the rest of these companies and shop on Amazon or your closest big store for a cheap guard. While this is the more wallet-friendly option upfront, there is plenty of research showing the dangers of buying a boil-and-bite or stock night guard.

If you’re on the fence about Remi but are intrigued by the idea of a professional oral appliance mailed directly to you, ShopRemi.com isn’t your only option. 

Let’s go through 7 alternatives for you to consider before you checkout.

1. JS Dental Lab

JS Dental Lab is an at-home night guard company that provides custom oral appliances delivered to your door. With our simple DIY impression kit, your guard is tailored to all your smile’s nooks and crannies.

Because JS Dental Lab operates solely online (with a lab in Hayward, CA), our products are less costly than a dentist’s office option but just as professionally made.

Options and Cost

Every bruxer’s behavior is different, and what you need may not be the typical one-size-fits-most night guard.

JS Dental Lab has a quick quiz you take before your first order that helps our professionals decide which kind of night guard you need. From those answers, you’ll receive one of the following recommendations:

  • Hybrid - Made from hard and soft plastic acrylics that slide over the upper teeth
  • Soft - Designed to be extra comfortable and fit over the lower teeth
  • Durable - Hard night guards that sit atop the lower teeth
  • Extra Durable - Hard night guards designed to withstand severe teeth grinding
  • Premium 3D - Comfortable yet durable night guards that cover the upper and lower teeth for extreme bruxers
  • Daytime - For awake bruxers who need a discreet appliance

Depending on the night guard option you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from $125 to $185, substantially lower than the hundreds of dollars or more you’d pay at the dentist’s office.

What Makes Them Stand Out

closeup of a young woman's beautiful smile with straight white teeth

JS Dental Lab’s night guard costs are around the average going rate for a mail-order custom-made night guard. But they land in the first place spot here because of the length of the warranty: one year.

(JS Dental Lab also offers impressive teeth whitening kits on par with what you’d receive at the dentist.)

Our goal is to send out your new night guard within a few days after we receive your impression, which is another stand-out feature. We also have multiple contact options that make it simple to connect with someone who can help you with whatever your question is, from sales to troubleshooting.

2. SportingSmiles

SportingSmiles is another oral appliance provider (located in Brookfield, Wisconsin) that has a positive reputation in its industry. The company offers aligners, night guards, and whitening kits, sold individually or in packages.

But their main clients are involved in sports who are looking to buy mouthguards to protect their smiles. Because of this aim, SportingSmiles’ appliances focus on durability and safety.

Options and Cost

The company’s products are geared towards athletes, with their most popular item being the SportBite Mouthguard. In addition to the appliances worn to protect the mouth during contact sports, you’ll also find these items:

  • Retainers - Custom-made to prevent your teeth from shifting
  • Whitening trays - Designed to cover all the surfaces of your teeth for better results
  • Night guards - Individualized to your smile

Prices start at about $80 and go up depending on which product you choose. 

What Makes Them Stand Out

SportingSmiles’ main target is their mouth guard, and these stand out in the custom mouth guard industry with high-quality protection in a field where most people use the less-durable stock mouth guards. 

The company’s night guards are well designed, but without the warranty that makes JS Dental Lab’s night guards stand out.

However, SportingSmiles offers an emergency night guard option at an extra cost. For $345, you can have a custom-made night guard within seven days, an opportunity you rarely have offered from the dentist’s office.

3. Pro Teeth Guard

Pro Teeth Guard, headquartered in San Diego County, California, offers high-quality dental appliances to help with moderate to severe bruxism. 

Their products have a 60-day, 110% money-back guarantee for free adjustments or returns, and they emphasize a focus on customer satisfaction.

 Options and Cost

Pro Teeth Guard’s products are designed to help reduce the symptoms that come from jaw disorders like bruxism. Their appliances come in a variety of materials and thicknesses, including:

  • Soft night guards - Flexible vinyl for comfort
  • Hard night guards - Firm plastic for moderate to severe teeth grinding
  • Hybrid appliances - Dual laminate material for a mix of comfort and durability

Each product is made from professional-quality materials for a safe and custom fit. Take the company’s quick and easy quiz to determine which night guard is best for you.

Generally, prices range in the higher end of the spectrum for custom mail-order oral appliances, as Pro Teeth Guard’s products cost between $170 and $210.

What Makes Them Stand Out

Pro Teeth Guard’s reputation for excellent customer service and fast delivery is well-deserved. Their appliances are made from high-quality materials that are competitive with many other companies. 

However, the limited 60-day guarantee, although a tempting 110%, puts this company third on the list, as some reviews complain that the night guards lose their durability after around six months of wear.

4. Cheeky Night Guard

Cheeky is a well-known night guard company based in New York, NY. Their money-back guarantee states that if you’re unhappy with your night guard, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

Cheeky also sells accessories like electronic toothbrushes, water flossers, and whitening kits. 

Options and Cost

The other companies on our list have multiple night guard options. Cheeky only offers two: hard and soft.

Their top and bottom night guards start at $129, but you can subscribe to their replacement service or bundle your appliances to get them at discounted rates.

What Makes Them Stand Out

One significant advantage of Cheeky is that they accept some insurances. That means they are willing to work with your insurer, but that does not mean your policy covers night guards. Talk to your carrier to find out the details before you buy a night guard expecting it to be covered. 

Cheeky does have a reputation for not being as customer-friendly as other companies. When you order from Cheeky, getting help from an actual person can be challenging. You may be on your own as to which guard to choose and what thickness you need. You also are signed up for a new night guard every three months unless you cancel that subscription or request fewer shipments. 

In general, Cheeky works well for those with insurance that will cover their oral appliances and those who don’t need any help with their night guard journey.

5. ClearClub Custom Night Guard

Moving down the list to ClearClub, this custom night guard company  (located in Los Angeles, California) has above-average ratings in most reviews for product, design, and customer service. Their products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

As with the other DIY night guard companies, ClearClub’s impression kit is mailed to you, and then you make your mold and ship it back to the manufacturer.

Generally, you’ll receive your custom-made oral appliance within one to two weeks after they get your impression back. Like the other companies, the materials are BPA, allergen, and latex-free.

Options and Cost

ClearClub offers a variety of upper and lower night guards. You can choose from thicknesses of 1.3 mm, 2 mm, and 3 mm.

An upper or lower starts at $125, and both together are discounted at $195. You can invest in their Renewal Plan for $95 and receive a new guard at three, four, or six-month intervals. 

What Makes Them Stand Out

ClearClub makes our list because of the unique customizations the company offers. Unlike most other night guards, which are clear, ClearClub gives you the option to choose from 10 colors and designs.

If you love to be a little “extra,” the ClearClub styles may be precisely what you need to look forward to wearing your night guard every day!

6. Chomper Labs Soft Night Guard

Los Angeles, California, is also home to Chomper Labs, a competitive mail-order DIY impression night guard company.

Chomper’s appliances are mid-range affordable, and the refund policy promises a full refund, replacement, or adjustment within 100 days of receipt of your product.

Options and Cost

Chomper Labs offers four styles of oral appliances at varying prices:

  • Soft - Flexible, thin night guard for mild bruxers ($149)
  • Hybrid - Mix of soft and hard for moderate and heavy bruxers ($169)
  • Hard - For serious bruxing ($169) 
  • Retainer - For bruxers who also need to prevent their teeth from shifting after braces ($169)

The products are made from high-quality, professional-grade materials that should last years if you take care of them.

What Makes Them Stand Out

While the cost, materials, and guarantee aren’t much different than the other company offerings on our list, Chomper Labs is known for its expedient service. Typically, the manufacturer sends out your custom-made night guard within three days after receiving your impression. 

If you’re looking for a good-quality night guard fast, Chomper might be your best bet. A caveat, though: this high speed means there isn’t always accuracy in the night guards, and many people say they have to send their guards back to get a more accurate, comfortable fit.

7. Dental Office Night Guards

dental patient with oral hygienist

Last on our list are the professional night guards you can get from your regular dentist. These are top-of-the-line, and there is comfort in knowing someone else is making your impression, so it will most likely be done correctly the first time.

However, these are also the most expensive options. Not only will you pay more for the appliance, you’ll also have to spend money and time going to multiple office visits for impressions and fittings.

Buying your custom-fitted night guard from one of the other six companies on this list gives you the same or similar quality at a much more affordable price. You also get the convenience of skipping the dentist’s visits.

But if you have dental issues that need to be addressed, schedule your check-up and take care of those problems before you use any night guard.


You don't need to spend thousands of dollars when shopping for a dental night guard to minimize your jaw pain, TMJ, or other dental issues.

These six e-commerce alternatives to Remi — like JS Dental Lab — provide affordable, high-quality oral appliances that do the same job without that brutal hit to your wallet.

Shop our night guards today!

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